Lirik Lagu: Hijabi (Wrap my Hijab) - Mona Haydar

hijabi (wrap my hijab) - Mona Haydar
Tajuk Lagu: Hijabi (wrap my hijab)
Artis: Mona Haydar

Verse 1 What that hair look like Bet that hair look nice Don’t that make you sweat? Don’t that feel too tight? Yo what yo hair look like Bet yo hair look nice How long your hair is You need to get yo life You only see Oriental You steady working that dental You poppin off at the lip And run ya mouth like a treadmill Not your exotic vacation I’m bored with your fascination I need that PayPal, PayPal, PayPal If you want education Hook All around the world Love women every shading be so liberated All around the world Love women every shading power run deep So even if you hate it I still wrap my hijab Wrap my hijab Wrap my hijab Wrap, wrap my hijab Keep swaggin my hijabis Swag-Swaggin my hijabis Swaggin my hijabis Swag-swaggin my hijabis Verse 2 Me and my hijabi ladies We was born in the eighties So pretty like the Euphrates and party like some Kuwaitis Deeper than some diplomas Current like some hot yoga Takin back the misnomers and Teleportin through trauma Teleportin through trauma Teleportin through trauma I been stackin my karma Nefertiti, no drama Make a feminist planet Women haters get banished Covered up or not don’t ever take us for granted Hook Bridge You’re just jealous of my sisters These Mipsters, These hippies These Prissies, These Sufis These Dreddies, These Sunnis These Shii’s, Yemenis Somalis, Libnanis, Pakistanis These Soories, Sudanis Iraqis, Punjabies Afghanis, Yazeedis Khaleejis, Indonesians Egyptians, Canadians Algerians, Nigerians Americans, Libyans Tunisians, Palestinians Hidden beyond the Mekong in Laos Senegalese and Burkina Faso